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Eric Saine, Executive Director - McGill Executive Institute

On behalf of the McGill Executive Institute, I had the pleasure of working with Jackie Roberge as she helped our organization refine its purpose, mission, vision, and core values.

Her positive, energetic style was amazing and had our team hooked from the start.  Moreover, she leveraged her deep understanding of the idea creation process and her successful experience in the corporate world to bring the type of tangible outcomes we were hoping for. 

Jackie gave us the foundation to guide our behaviors and have better strategic conversations about our business.  

It was also an inspirational and uplifting journey that touched us on an individual and organizational level to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Kind regards,




Vice-President, Corporate Officer, Leading International Pharmaceutical Co.

While slightly skeptical of “mindfulness” and how Jackie’s services might help me, a close friend, confidant and fellow colleague recommended that I keep an open mind and meet Jackie. 

I was in fact told by my friend that it would change my life and I would not regret the time I would spend with her. This was by far one of the best decisions I have made. I worked with Jackie for over a year, feel significantly more energized, and extremely more mindful of myself and others. I have seen changes in my personal and professional life and have seen the impact I have had on those around me. 

Thank you Jackie for one of the most enjoyable voyages I have taken. 

participant Feedback after a meditation workshop


Financial Industry Professional

Hi Jackie,

I wanted to share with you how excited I was after my meditation this morning.

First when I woke up, I felt my night was way to short. But it’s Friday… so 1,2,3 and I sat in my bed to meditate. 

I must mention that every morning I feel back pain (had a serious injury in 2007). I have to stretch to loosen it a bit and then it’s not too bad for the rest of the day.

During my meditation I focused on my back, breathing where it is painful. When the meditation ended, surprisingly, I did not feel any pain! I jumped out of my bed and I felt in a terrific shape and mood! 

So it is true - 20 minutes equals hours of sleep. But now, for me, meditation can also help physical problems! Don’t remember if it was in your slides. Brain power can be more powerful than physical stretching!?!?! 😊

Thank you Jackie for the way you communicate your passion.