Higher Purpose Exploration

For Companies

Companies that have taken the time to explore and define their higher purpose show better long term results as per the research reported in the book Firms of Endearment.  

So how do we define the higher purpose of an organization? 

It is essentially your company's reason for existing - the difference it makes in the lives of its customers or in society. In other words, it is not what the company does but rather the impact is has as a result of pursuing its mission and striving to achieve its vision.  

These definitions often create murky waters for strategic planners so here is a simple breakdown of the key elements of our approach to conscious strategic planning: 

Higher Purpose: The Why - the impact that your company has in the world

Vision:                     The What - the destination or aspirational future you want to create

Mission:                 The How - the approach used to get the destination

Values:                  The Guideposts - what is important to keep you on track


LIfe Purpose


The Longing

At some point in most executives lives they reach a point where they say - is this it?  This is what I have worked so hard and so long to achieve?  

This is a natural part of the evolution of the human psyche. We are hardwired to experience fulfillment by being of service, by contributing to something we find meaningful and are passionate about. Without this, there is a feeling of emptiness, of wanting more.

Your Purpose

We define life purpose as using your unique strengths, talents and gifts in a way that makes the most meaningful contribution in the world or, I could simply say ‘discovering the difference you are meant to make’. Your sweet spot, what you do naturally and easily – what you were put here to do!

What does living 'on purpose' feel like?

  • It brings a deep and enduring sense of satisfaction and fulfillment  
  • You feel more energized and passionate, you want to share something you have discovered with the world
  • When you discover and pursue your purpose it brings a sense of flow or ease into your life.
  • Synchronicities increase and you start to feel more and more guided and supported
  • Struggles start to transform, confusion is lifted, your life direction becomes clearer and the path unfolds in front of you. 
  • This is not to say that you won’t  have challenges – because you will!  But you will be able to see the challenges as growth opportunities and guidance for your continuing evolution.

Purpose Hunting

During the purpose hunting exercise we look at past experiences and dreams and uncover patterns or themes that are present in your life. These serve as signposts as we explore your purpose in greater detail. 

Defining & Living your Unique Purpose

If what you have read resonates with you and you want to find and start really living with more passion, purpose and meaning please contact Jackie now and take your first step down your purpose path!