Leadership manifesto

A new paradigm

This manifesto is about giving people an overview of a new way of leading and doing business in a conscious manner, in order to satisfy all stakeholders and contribute to the betterment of our society.  

In my consulting and leadership courses, I help people find their higher purpose and the purpose of their organization.  By clearly identifying a purpose it is then easy to create a vision and mission statement that people are going to feel inspired about.  Starting with a compelling purpose and strong core values, attracts like-minded and passionate people who come to work everyday with a sense of making a meaningful difference and this impacts engagement, productivity, loyalty and the energy that they bring to their work!

This approach allows the leader to look BEYOND profits to a greater level of contribution but at the same time it has been shown (in the book Firms of Endearment) that firms with a higher purpose outperform other companies over the long term.  

Profits & Contribution

I believe that it is possible to have both - a company that CONTRIBUTES more and generates more PROFITS and I want to help you make the happen!