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 Mindfulness-based training & coaching, Purpose-driven & Values-based strategic planning


Enlightened Leader Coaching

Leaders that live well, lead well!

Our mindfulness-based approach helps you find and work from a place of  PURPOSE, contribution and inspiration. 

To do this we help you create more balance, feel energized, healthy and more fulfilled in life and more resilient, 

productive, engaged, empowered, caring & creative at work!

Lunch & Learn Workshops - Conferences- Retreats

These group sessions are rich in content but also dynamic, interactive, thought-provoking and inspiring! 

From mindfulness, meditation, resiliency and emotional intelligence training or customized content to meet a specific need, you will see immediate and profound results in terms of engagement and productivity.

Purpose- Driven Planning

Find your purpose & your company's higher purpose, align your corporate values and create a culture that supports your vision.

Become a more conscious leader by creating your vision based on the principles of conscious-business.

From strategic planning to case specific consulting we can help you create an organization that people LOVE to work for, buy from, invest in  and partner with!

Meet Jackie

Jackie Roberge

  • Certified  Life Purpose  Coach & Holistic Health Consultant
  • Certified Yoga teacher, Meditation Teacher
  • 10+ years of coaching individuals and business people 
  • 25+ years of marketing and strategic planning as an executive or consultant for companies such as J&J, Culinar, Cogeco Cable & Olymel. 
  • High Performance training specialist


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