Enlightened Leader Coaching

Leaders that live well, lead well!

Our mindfulness-based approach helps you find and work from a place of  PURPOSE, contribution and inspiration. 

To do this we help you create more balance, feel energized, healthy and more fulfilled in life and more resilient, 

productive, engaged, empowered, caring & creative at work!

Lunch & Learn Workshops - Conferences- Retreats

These group sessions are dynamic, interactive, thought-provoking and inspiring! 

From mindfulness, meditation, resiliency and emotional intelligence training or customized content to meet a specific need, you will see immediate and profound results in terms of engagement and productivity.

Higher Purpose Exploration

Find your purpose & your company's higher purpose, align your corporate values and create a culture that supports your vision.

Become a more conscious leader by creating your vision based on the principles of conscious-business.

From strategic planning to case specific consulting we can help you create an organization that people LOVE to work for, buy from, invest in  and partner with!


Jackie Roberge


  • Certified  Life Purpose Coach & Holistic Health
  • Certified Yoga & Meditation teacher
  • 10+ years of coaching individuals and business people 
  • 25+ years of marketing and strategic planning as an executive or consultant for companies such as J&J, Culinar, Cogeco Cable & Olymel. 
  • High Performance training specialist

Duncan Curry


  • Senior financial roles around the globe with Rio Tinto Alcan
  • 35 years of experience in the metals sector 
  • Fields of expertise include financial communications, acquisition integration,  business transformation, leadership development and mentoring 
  • Led mindfulness programs with teams at Alcan
  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)


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